Conference Handouts

Skyward Presentations & Documents

User led presentations:

Day 1:

Session 2G - Skyward Game Show 

Session 2I - MSDS Custom Reports

Session 4B - Tardy Kiosk & Positive Attendance with Skyward

Session 4F&4G - Tips & Tricks with Tim & Ryan

Session 4K - Create Pivot Tables out of Data Mining Reports

Session 5F - Skybuild Custom Imports & Exports

Session 5G - Online Registration

Session 7G - Data Mining on Steroids

Session 7H - Peer Discussion for Secretaries

Session 7L - Fun with Filters


Day 2:

Session 8D - Skyward Integration with 3rd Party Vendors

Session 8F - Standards Based Gradebook for Secondary Schools

Session 9F - Ed-Fi Setup

Session 10D - Peer Discussion: IT

Session 10F - Skycoder

Session 10G - Real PD for Real People

Session 11F - Peer Discussion: Advanced Users

Session 11G - Enrollment Laws & Procedures

Session 11I - Peer Discussion: FY Scheduling