MI-Sky Volunteers

Mi-Sky Steering Committee

Officer Application - Elected Positions (Download, complete and mail the Officer Application)

Only current members of the organization are eligible to be candidates for any Officer position. Only current members will be allowed to vote in Officer elections. The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by all members of the organization. The offices of Web Site Developer and Technology & Communications Officer will be elected by their fellow Officers. The Sub-Committee Chairpersons are elected by their respective Sub-Committee members and all MSUG Officers. A Sub-Committee Chairperson candidate must be a current member of the respective Sub-Committee. Elections will be held at the last general meeting of each even numbered year. Terms will start on the following January 1st . 

Trustee Application - Appointed Positions(Download, complete and mail the Trustee Application)

Steering Committee Trustee status requires the Trustee Application to be completed and mailed to the MSUG Secretary. The Steering Committee currently has open positions. If you are interested in the open positions, first read closely the By-laws documentation to understand the responsibilities required of all Steering Committee Members. 


Mi-Sky Subcommittees

Student and Finance Representatives - School district selected

Each school may have one general member serve on the Student or Finance Request for Enhancement (RFE) Subcommittee. Please contact the Subcommittee Chair and the Skyward Michigan Manager to acquire the appropriate paperwork and login information.

Conference Volunteers - Self selected

Volunteers to assist with the planning of the annual conference as well as work during the conference are welcome! Please contact the Conference subcommittee chair.