MI-Sky Bylaws




The name of this organization shall be Michigan Skyward User Group (MSUG) (hereby referred to as the "organization"). The organization shall consist of a General Membership (Article III) and a Steering Committee (Article IV).


The purpose of this organization shall be as set forth in the following sections:

Section 1 - Conference

To provide an annual MSUG conference to employees of schools that utilize the Skyward School Management System software for their Student and/or Finance software needs.

Section 2- Product Ideas

To review, discuss and vote on Product Ideas requests submitted by Skyward customers in order to enhance the Skyward software.


Section 1-Conditions of Membership

Each member in this organization must be an employee of a local school district, a public school academy, a private school, or an intermediate school district that utilizes the Skyward School Management System software and is located in Michigan (hereby referred to as "customer").

Section 2- Size of Organization

The organization will be made up of a maximum of two members per customer.

Section 3-Term of Membership

Each customer will determine the length of time their representing member(s) shall serve. Resignation from the organization should be in writing and received by the Secretary.

General Members can be barred from the organization for just cause by a majority vote of their fellow Sub-Committee members and officers.

Section 4 - Membership Process

Persons meeting the requirements under Conditions of Membership must register for membership by completing the General Membership form, available on the MSUG website at http://www.MI-Sky.com.

Section 5- Duties of Membership

Membership duties include attendance at the MSUG Conference and meetings. General Meetings of this organization will be held a minimum of four times a year. General Members are expected to attend, whether in person or virtually. To attend virtually, General Members should contact the Technology & Communications Officer as soon as possible prior to the meeting date.



The Executive Board shall hereby be referred to as the "Steering Committee."

Section I-Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of nine Officers, nine Trustees, and any Past Officers. Officers include the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Site Developer, Technology & Communications Officer, Conference Sub-Committee Chairperson, Business · Sub-Committee Chairperson, Student Sub-Committee Chairperson. A Steering Committee member may hold only one position on the Steering Committee at any one time.

Steering Committee members will attend Steering Committee meetings and the annual Conference.

Section 2 - Responsibilities

Responsibilities of President:

The President shall preside over General Meetings and call special meetings at his/her discretion, using procedure outlined in Article VII. The President shall be authorized to disburse and deposit funds.

Responsibilities of Vice-President:

The Vice-President shall carry out the duties assigned by the President. In the event the President is unable to perform his/her duties, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President.

Responsibilities of Secretary:

The Secretary shall carry on all correspondence for the organization as required by the office and record minutes at General Meetings. The Secretary shall maintain membership records for the organization and the Trustee Application waiting list.

Responsibilities of Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a system by which the organization's finances are kept. He/she will also be responsible for paying any bills owed by the organization and for ensuring the organizations appropriate annual tax obligations are met. The Treasurer will make available a report of all activity in the bank account since the last General Meeting.

This report shall include a copy of all bank statements and an explanation of all transactions.

Responsibilities of Web Site Developer:

The Web Site Developer will manage all changes to the MSUG web site, MI-Sky.com. Change requests will be submitted and coordinated through the Officers.

Responsibilities of Technology & Communications Officer:

The Technology & Communications Officer will manage all virtual meetings, coordinating with other members and Skyward personnel, as needed, to facilitate a functional and effective online meeting experience for members. This Officer shall also support other technology and communications needs of the group, as needed.

Responsibilities of Sub-Committee Chairperson:

The Sub-Committee Chairperson will oversee their respective Sub-Committee meetings, present proposed Product Ideas requests to the committee, and communicate results to appropriate parties. They may appoint a secretary of their subcommittee, as needed.

Responsibilities of Trustees and Past Officers:

Trustees and Past Officers will attend Steering Committee meetings and the annual Conference, and will assist Officers, as needed.


Section 1-Election and Term Limits of Officers

Only current members of the organization are eligible to be candidates for any Officer position. Only current members will be allowed to vote in Officer Elections. The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by all members of the organization. The offices of Web Site Developer and Technology & Communications Officer will be elected by their fellow Officers. The Sub-Committee Chairpersons are elected by their respective Sub-Committee members and all MSUG Officers. A Sub-Committee Chairperson candidate must be a current member of the respective Sub-Committee.  Elections will be held at the last general meeting of each even numbered year. Terms will start on the following January 1st. Because the election of Officers occurs every two years, by the act of voting, the current members will ultimately decide the term limits of the Officers of the organization.

Therefore, no predefined term limits are necessary.

Section 2- Trustees

A General Member may apply to fill the next open Trustee position by submitting a Trustee Application to the Steering Committee Secretary, who will maintain any waiting list. Trustees are appointed to the Steering Committee based on the number of years the customer has utilized the software, the order in which the application was received, and with the intent to maintain a balance between the two core products- Student and Business.

Section 3- Past Officers

Once an Officer has completed their term of office, they will be permitted to remain on the Steering Committee.

Section 4- Resignation, Termination, and Absences

Resignation from the Steering Committee shall be in writing and received by the Secretary. 1f an Officer is terminated or resigns the remaining Steering Committee members shall appoint an interim successor from the Steering Committee membership by a simple majority vote. If a Trustee is terminated or resigns, the position will be filled based on the Trustee application waiting list. If a Past Officer is terminated or resigns; their position will not be filled.

Termination of Steering Committee members may occur, either with or without cause, by a simple majority vote of the Steering Committee. A Steering Committee member shall be removed from the Steering Committee for excessive absences from meetings, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. General Members can be barred from the organization for just cause by a simple majority vote of all members.


President or Chairperson Rules of Order shall govern the procedure in meetings of this organization. Meeting agendas shall be prepared by the President or Chairperson and sent via e- mail to all members of the organization at least one week, but no more than three weeks prior to each meeting.


These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Steering Committee members present at any General Meeting of the organization.


Upon the dissolution of this organization, remaining assets of this organization shall be donated to a charitable organization(s) within the meaning of section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code, as selected through a majority vote of the Steering Committee members present at any General Meeting of the Michigan Skyward User Group. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal address of the corporation is then located.

Bylaw Amendment

iCon Attendance (Revised & Approved June 4, 2019) 

Each year the organization will finance individual attendance at Skyward’s iCon Conference depending on funds available. If funds are available MSUG will send the President and Conference Chairperson annually, up to 4 additional executive board members and 1 trustee.  The President and Treasurer will review the fund balance annually to determine the number of Steering Committee members that will attend iCon. (A $3000 minimum fund balance is to be maintained.) The President will notify the executive board in August of the number of attendees the organization can financially support.  

Up to 4 additional executive board members will rotate attendance annually.  Rotation will be in order below. If the member in the position is unable to attend or is funded by another source, the next position on the list will be offered an opportunity to attend iCon.  

  1. Vice President

  2. Secretary

  3. Treasurer

  4. Website Manager

  5. Communications & Tech

  6. Student Sub-Chair

  7. Finance Sub Chair

The Executive board will nominate and vote on the trustee to attend iCon based on their commitment and involvement with MSUG. If an attendee that MSUG is supporting financially would like to present a session at iCon, they will be limited to 1 presentation and still have their costs covered. MSUG will utilize their waived conference fee to offset expenses.

Attendees will be announced to the general membership at the September meeting. Potential attendees will be required to notify MSUG of acceptance within 5 business days of notification of being selected. This will allow time to discuss personal family commitments and school district release. Once accepted, attendees will need to complete the iCon Attendance Agreement and will receive all other necessary instructions to complete their registration.

The organization will cover the following conference expenses for each individual, in accordance with signed iCon Attendance Agreement. It is the Attendee’s responsibility to pay all fees/costs associated with conference and provide the MSUG Treasurer valid receipts for reimbursement. In the case an attendee is unable to pre-pay their conference expenses; it is their responsibility to make arrangements with the MSUG Treasurer prior to accepting the agreement for a suitable payment plan:

  • Individual Conference Fee

  • Maximum of (3) three nights stay in a hotel room at the conference site.

  • Single Coach Airfare (A maximum allowance will be given to each attendee based on current airfare rates. If flight cost is higher than the allocation, it is the responsibility of the attendee to cover the remaining cost. Attendees will not be reimbursed the difference of maximum airfare allowance and actual airfare cost.)

  • Airport shuttle service to and from the conference site. (A maximum allowance for an airport shuttle will be given to each attendee.) MSUG will not reimburse car rental expenses.

Bylaw Amendment

Out of State Skyward User Group Conferences (Revised and Approved May 31, 2018)

MSUG members in good standing can utilize the offerings that are made from other Skyward user groups for waiving the conference fee for state conferences. MSUG will not cover any expenses for members to attend other states user group conferences.